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Why Northern Territory?


The Territory offers a dynamic and progressive environment, yet has a relaxed and friendly pace. In The Territory, you will find more than 100 nationalities who happily share their cultures.


It a place where anything is possible. Here, you can create a new business, propel your career and make a real impact. It’s a place where you hear ‘give it a go’ a lot more than your hear the word ‘no’. Learn how, together, we can create Boundless Possible.


The northern part of Australia's Northern Territory (NT) has a tropical monsoonal climate.


There is a dry season and a wet season.

The dry season from May to October is when most tourists visit. The days are sunny and the evenings are cool. The humidity is low with an average daily temperature around 32°C. 

Between November and April spectacular thunderstorms fill the sky. The humidity rises as high as 98%. The temperature can hit 39°C inland. The wet season is sometimes called the green season. You will experience beautiful balmy evenings, spectacular lightning displays with cooling tropical rainstorms.

Central Australia has a desert climate:

The average maximum temperature between October and March is around 35°C during the day. The average minimum is around 20°C. During winter months the average maximum is around 25°C, dropping toward 0°C overnight. The location and the weather make the region perfect if you like camping holidays.


The Northern Territory is one of Australia’s most culturally diverse places. There are over 100 nationalities and around 140 social, cultural and religious organisations. Immigrants have contributed enormously to the NT’s economy and culture, in particular Greek and Asian immigrants. You can attend cultural festivals organised by the Greek, Indian and other communities. Chinese New Year is celebrated.

Religious freedom and mutual respect are an integral part of the NT’s shared culture. There are Islamic mosques, Buddhist and Chinese temples and a range of Christian churches.

Why study in the Territory

The Northern Territory’s capital, Darwin, is a modern and vibrant with all the essential services and infrastructure you’d expect of a capital city. With over 100 different multicultural and community groups, Darwin is home to many exciting festivals, cultural and social activities and food extravaganzas.

With stunning landscapes, remote communities, and a unique pioneering history, Alice Springs is a thriving, outback centre.

The Territory's population of 245 000 is Australia's youngest, with a median age of 32 years.


The Northern Territory population strategy identifies how international students strengthen cultural, social and economic ties.

Why migrate to the Territory


The Territory is home to people from across Australia and the world. We welcome anyone looking for new opportunities and a vibrant community to call home.


Migration for business people and investors

Australia's Northern Territory Government can nominate eligible overseas business people and investors for Business Innovation and Investment visas.

Nomination by a state or territory government is mandatory for all visas in the Business Innovation and Investment Program except the Significant Investor visa and Premium Investor visa.

General skilled migration visas

These visas are for young, skilled people with good levels of English:

  • Skilled - Independent (Permanent) (subclass 189) visa

  • Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) (Subclass 491) visa

  • Skilled Nominated (subclass 190) visa.


The subclasses 491 and 190 visas need a nomination from an Australian state or territory government such as Australia's Northern Territory Government.

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